Royal Malta Yacht Club

  Malta is one of the most stunning islands to exist on this planet, and while it needs no introduction, hicabs is here to remind you why you need to visit Malta, what is the yacht club of Malta along with the history of Royal Malta Yacht Club and the annual Rolex Middle Sea Race. hicabs will give you all the reasons as to why, of all the places, you need to come to Malta.

History of the Royal Malta Yacht Club:

The Yacht Club came into being when a group of residents formed this group based upon their love for sports like cruising. With the passing of time, sailing and other local games were also constituted as a part of this competition. At this point, the club was called the Mediterranean Skiff Club. When the war with Italy broke out, the Yacht Club shut down its activities which were later resurrected by a few members. As time passed, other water sports were included in the club, and these races became the highlight of the year for all the residents and visitors. For this very reason, the name was also changed to a more suitable title, the Royal Malta Yacht club, in November 1990 and that is where this annual race is, to date, held.  

Why Malta?

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