Royal Malta Yacht Club

  Malta is one of the most stunning islands to exist on this planet, and while it needs no introduction, hicabs is here to remind you why you need to visit Malta, what is the yacht club of Malta along with the history of Royal Malta Yacht Club and the annual Rolex Middle Sea Race. hicabs will give you all the reasons as to why, of all the places, you need to come to Malta.

History of the Royal Malta Yacht Club:

The Yacht Club came into being when a group of residents formed this group based upon their love for sports like cruising. With the passing of time, sailing and other local games were also constituted as a part of this competition. At this point, the club was called the Mediterranean Skiff Club. When the war with Italy broke out, the Yacht Club shut down its activities which were later resurrected by a few members. As time passed, other water sports were included in the club, and these races became the highlight of the year for all the residents and visitors. For this very reason, the name was also changed to a more suitable title, the Royal Malta Yacht club, in November 1990 and that is where this annual race is, to date, held.  

Why Malta?

If you are wondering why Malta, we can provide you with a whole list of reasons. The beauty of Malta, the friendly English speaking Mediterranean population it has and the activities it offers are just a few of those reasons. Rest assured, if you are visiting Malta hicabs will make sure that you do not feel lost. hicabs will provide you with the best Malta taxi and cab services that there is. From a range of options such as a custom Malta taxi and cab to fit your business schedules, hicabs will offer you Malta cabs at its best. No matter if you have to go from your resort to the beaches or from the club back to your hotel, your special service of a cab in Malta, will always be just a call away. hicabs works to make sure that your stay in Malta is memorable and worth of the time and money you have invested in this trip. For this reason, hicabs brings you a complete list of all the activities that you can do in Malta, the Rolex Middle Sea Race included. Getting to each of these events will also be covered by our distinguishable hicabs Malta cabs. Such extensive cab service is designed for your long awaited trip to Malta and we can safely say no other country or Island offers such a profoundly working cab service. This Malta Taxi service is one of the many things you need to experience in Malta because you will never get to experience such an auspicious service other than in Malta. The wild shores of the Maltese beaches in the Maltese Island will captivate you. However remember no matter where you go, whether it’s the resort, the airport or the Yacht club, hicabs Malta taxi and cab service will be your constant companion throughout your expedition. Call us on +356 2137 2137 or download our app on google play or the Apple store to book online.

Moving to Malta

Malta is one of most splendor places where every one of us wants to go and live in. Surrounded by the clear waters of the ocean, Malta offers a refreshing lifestyle like no other. If you have been planning on going to Malta, hicabs will provide you all the details and services that you need to join your stay. However, in case you are planning to shift to Malta and are figuring out work options for yourself, hicabs will provide you all the information you need to help yourself get through the Decision-Making process. You must be thinking hicabs is just an ordinary Malta Cab service, but no, this regular Malta taxi not only provides you transportation facilities, but also we make sure everything is offered to you at its finest. Job opportunities and cost of living in Malta: The cost of living in Malta was lower than other such countries, but that was a while ago. Since the 2008 the cost of living in Malta has almost come to equal to that of rest of Europe. Though initially, you might feel that the incomes offered in Malta are lower than in other parts of Europe, they are probably higher than what some places, like, in the UK offer. hicabs Malta Taxi gives you a piece of advice. When you move to Malta, do not buy your house for the first year at least, rent it to avoid the extensive costs of furnishing your home. Finding work may be difficult at first because the population density is low therefore numerous people are employed, however, no skill sets ever go to waste, so you can always find all kinds of job options available there. Top three cities in Malta: Once you move to Malta, it’s only natural that you would want to explore the beautiful world around you. While you can get a personal guide for this matter, it will apparently not come without any costs. Therefore, hicabs Malta taxi service will also give you an outline of the towns and places you must visit. Valletta is a beautiful scenic town built on the Peninsula that you must see once. Another place you need to visit is Sliema, especially if you love shopping and want to try out new coffee houses this is the hub for you. Qawra is another seaside resort that will take your breath away with all the beauty it holds within the self. Not to worry, hicabs cab Malta, will provide you services for anywhere you want to go. Leisure activities: The leisure activities that hicabs Taxi Malta will recommend for you are visiting the waterparks such as the Splash and Fun park, that offers all kinds of water sports. You can also rent a canoe at the Paradise Bay and relax or go to the horse bay for horse riding with your family. Of course, all of this and much more can be done using the hicabs Malta cab service.

Owning a car VS using public transport in Malta

The small area that contains the entire Maltese islands has numerous advantages. The people live in a community style living which enhances the living standards of the country. Everybody is on time because of minimum distances (assuming there is no traffic). In addition to the numerous advantages that you can have while living in Malta, hicabs Taxi Malta will give you all the more reasons to further enhance your living experience in Malta. Malta Cab wants to make sure that you do not miss out on any opportunity that can help improve your life in Malta. Public transport Malta has a very distinctive and organized public transport system functioning for its residents. The public transport system consists of buses mostly, running on fixed routes that cover almost the main junctions of each city. The timings of these route buses are set, i.e., they operate from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. For weekend nights, a night service is also run. Hicabs Malta Taxi is also one of the public transport facilities that runs through Malta. However, the benefits we offer to you are much more personalized regarding services and flexibility. We do what suits you. If you like cycling or walking, you can quickly cover short distances by these mediums. However, if you do not want to walk or cycle, these public buses are the most economical. Almost all the buses connect to the most prominent locations and to the airport so if you have just gotten off the airport and want to go somewhere, getting on a public bus is the cheapest way to do it. Another easy way to travel from the airport to your desired destination is to get a hicabs Cab Malta, which also offers its services from the airport to almost all over Malta. Getting to your location has never been this easy, right? Private transport If you have your car or another mode of transportation, you can easily roam around in Malta for about six months as a foreigner. But after this period, you will have to apply for registration with the Malta number plate. This process might prove to be a hassle if you are not much used to such procedures. However, having your transport gives you the liberty to travel anytime anywhere at your convenience. But you need to make sure you know the roads, the routes, the danger zones, the location of all the service stations that come in your way. You would also need to maintain a set of all of the helplines of the areas you will be crossing to request for help in case of a problem. There are no security concerns in Malta as such, so from that aspect, it is suitable to have your transport. However, if you plan on travelling very often or the distances between the two places is too large, it is highly recommended that you either use the bus or Hicab Malta Taxi.

Gaming sector of Malta

Malta’s gaming sector is thriving these days because most of the people shifting to Malta are young, passionate adults who want to work in a dynamic industry. If you are one such person who is interested in knowing the current scenario of the gaming sector of Malta, hicabs Malta taxi is here to give you an account of all the details of what that industry is, how it is doing, and what you can expect from it. hicabs Malta cab aims to provide you with information to help you figure your career options if and when you move to Malta. According to the research done by hicabs taxi Malta, the gaming sector of Malta is one of the key players in improving the economic crisis faced by Malta after the current period of the world recession. The revenues from Malta I-gaming industry were over 10 billion Euros and given that the Maltese population is quite less as compared to other countries, this is an enormous contribution to Malta’s economic revenues. Malta hicabs thinks that the major plus point which this industry has is that its workforce is trained to work with technology, is English speaking and are naturally tech-savvy which helps in countering the obstacles of the gaming industry faster than in any other service industry. This sector is also creating numerous jobs in Malta. Gaming houses are being built where people can avail themselves of these activities. Companies use their software in their programming as well, so the demand for software developers is increasing while marketers are developing rebranding strategies to expand this sector. Jobs and the people working in the industry: If we talk about employment figures, hicabs Malta Cab research shows that this industry is thriving with an approximate 30% growth rate in the employment rate. The reason why hicabs Malta Taxi is discussing these figures with you is to give you an insight into the current working conditions of this sector. Numerous well paying jobs are being created every day in this industry, and while you may think that only highly tech-savvy people can work in it, research has also gone on to show that entrepreneurs, proprietors, advertisers, salesperson, and marketers are also equally gaining success in this sector. The variety of jobs available in this industry vary from software developers to cybersecurity houses, VR (virtual reality) developers, 2D/3D environment designers, database managers and all the entrepreneurial jobs as well. Fiscal incentives in the gaming sector: hicabs Cab and Taxi Malta knows that the financial incentives in the gaming sector are important and crucial. We have all the research done for that too. I-gaming sector offers fiscal incentives depending upon your skill set, but the advantage is that Malta has a flat tax policy for its I-gaming industry. Also persons occupying key positions in this sector can benefit from a flat tax policy too, apart from the sun and sea in Malta. These are just a few of the things happening in the industrial world of Malta. If you ever decide to move to Malta, you will find that Malta has so much more to offer than just beaches.

Motorbikes VS Cars in Malta

Motorbikes and cars, both, are two of the worlds’ most familiar and to some extent preferred modes of transportation. Cars are slightly more expensive regarding maintenance and fuel consumption as compared to bikes. hicabs Malta Taxi service will be providing the complete guidelines regarding the use of motorbikes and cars in Malta and to what extent are they beneficial or non-beneficial so that you can pick which is the best option for you. Cars: Cars are one of the most favorite modes of transportation of the people of Malta. Weekend nights witness roads packed with traffic out of which most are cars of the families going out to the beaches or friends going out for parties to celebrate the weekend in style. The comfort and the sense of security one’s car provides cannot be found anywhere else. You can fill your car with all sorts of travel items you need to carry along and nobody will judge you. However, traveling by car isn’t all stars and rose. Upon asking people what problems they face while travelling through in their vehicles, hicabs Malta Cab found that most people were annoyed if they got stuck in heavy traffic. The patience that is required to get through a traffic jam multiplies if you are also the one driving the car because then you have to be alert along with being bored. For this reason, people usually prefer public transport or personal taxi services such as the hicabs Taxi Malta so that they can be driven to their destinations with half the (or no) hassle. Moreover, people also associated costs of fuel, insurance, parking, road license and maintenance of the cars as an additional expense which acts as a burden on their pockets. Malta Cab also suggests the use of personal taxis because it saves the problem of looking for suitable parking areas and the tension of not being able to find parking spaces at reasonable prices. Such minute benefits can elevate the quality of your overall experience of visiting an exotic place like Malta. Motorbikes: Motorbikes are typically favored by single men or groups of friends who plan their trips on the bike as a part of the adventure. Malta is a small country which is why getting from one place to another is not a big deal. However, it is also not that easy. Motorbikes require fuel just like cars do however their overall maintenance charges are low therefore it is suitable for those who have strictly fixed budgets. Although the cost of fuel has been set by the Malta government and hicabs Malta Cab found that this fact helps in determining the overall cost of fuel before embarking upon a journey, the problem of service stations not being opened for twenty-four hours remains a concern. Those who travel by car can enjoy their air conditioners and radio, something that bikes cannot offer. Hicabs Malta Taxi service suggests motorbikers to take appropriate precautions and have adequate safety gear to enjoy their trips tension freely.
We are looking to recruit a smart Transport Coordinator to join our team. If you want to work in a young, startup environment where every day is full of new challenges, we are looking for a like minded person who shares our mission.

Must have: • attention to detail and accuracy; • a ‘can do’ approach to work; • strong problem resolution skills; • a good knowledge of Maltese roads; • excellent communication skills; • a good telephone manner with a clear voice; • excellent multitasking capabilities; and • must enjoy a challenging role.

Must be: • computer proficient (good typing speed and proficient in Microsoft Office); • smart; • reliable; • trustworthy; • punctual; • fluent in Maltese and English; • customer-focused and flexible whilst working under pressure.

The role will include: • scheduling and coordination of the transport fleet; • job inputting and reservations; • answering phones and servicing walk-in clients; • inputting journey details from email bookings into the data reservations system; • coordinating and dispatching jobs to drivers; • fleet control and supervision;

Interested applicants should ideally have experience in a similar role.

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