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Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport

Time management is always important when going away on holiday. Thankfully the airport in Malta is easily accessible at any time and as it is only around 40 minutes away from the furthest part of the island. Here are some useful tips when using the Malta International Airport!


When travelling to certain locations, you may need to spend some time at the airport waiting for your next flight for instance, depending on your arrival time and if no hotels are close by. This isn’t a big problem if you are at the airport in Malta, and you may also want to shop around and find the best travel deals, instead of paying more to arrive at a specific time so you avoid spending time at the airport overnight. Cabs and Taxis are available at the Malta airport, however it is advisable to book a cab from beforehand to avoid waiting unnecessarily. You can check trip prices and also book directly online through our easy to use website


First thing to keep in mind is check in times. It is generally advisable to be at the airport two hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. Even when checking in online, the two hour rule still applies. It’s best to ask a cab company to advise you on the best pick up time, as you might need to start your trip to the airport early if for instance your pickup is during the rush hour traffic or there are road works or traffic diversions which will affect your trip.

At the airport

Weigh your bags in advance The last thing you want at the very end of your holiday is to pay extra for overweight luggage, so its best to ask if your hotel has a weighing service to avoid last minute hassle. The maximum weight varies per airline and depends on your individual booking therefore it is important to check your flight ticket, and if it is not specified on the ticket you can also ask the airline directly. What to do? The Malta airport is relatively small compared to other airports, however it still has a good number of restaurants, shops and cafes for all those who fancy a last minute meal or who are in the area. Both arrival and departure areas have Coffee shops, the departure one is open 24/7. The airport also has a food court (level -1) which has a number of restaurants; Burger King, KFC, Fat Harry’s and Sandella’s. Dr.Juice is also available for those who prefer a freshly squeezed juice. Apart from the ones within the airport, you will also find a few other within walking distance including McDonalds, Talbot&Bons and Vecchia Napoli

Security & Customs

Not the most pleasant part of the trip, but certainly one of the most necessary. Checking your hand luggage beforehand for any liquids and other banned items will speed up the process drastically. Remove any metal items before going through the metal detectors such as belt, loose change and watches. Usually, you’re also asked to remove jackets and shoes too so best wear a nice pair of socks ;)

Boarding tips

Once you’ve made it through customs, it’s time to head towards the departure’s lounge. The first thing you’ll come across is the duty free area, which could mean major savings on perfume, cosmetics, and spirits and tobacco goods. For those fashion conscious travellers, a Hugo Boss outlet is also available for some last minute purchases. For all those who’ve left it for the last minute to buy a gift or two, a number of jewellers can be found around the departure lounge.

Celebrities in Malta

Celebrities in Malta

When celebrities are rumoured to be spotted in Malta, people assume immediately that a famous foreign celebrity is on the island, either filming or on holiday. Nevertheless Malta has its fair share of local talent! Ranging from world famous opera singer Joseph Calleja, to Olympic sport shooter William Chetcuti, we’ll have a look at some of the Malta celebrities.

Joseph Calleja

Joseph Calleja’s unofficial music career started at the early age of 16, when he used to sing in his church choir, while receiving formal training from Maltese tenor Paul Asciak.  Calleja’s first operatic debut was at the early age of 19 at the Astra Theatre in Malta. The Maltese tenor has performed throughout the world singing in renowned opera houses with leading orchestras. Some of his most notable performances are at the 2011 Nobel Prize Concert, performing for a private concert for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and touring Germany with world famous Anna Netrebko. Early on in his career Mr Calleja won an award in the Hans Gabor Belvedere Competition which spring boarded his international career. He later went on to win several awards, most recently he won the 2014 International Opera Reader’s award. It’s not everyday that Malta has an artist performing so regularly around the world alongside leading artists such as Anastasia, so it comes as no surprise that Joseph Calleja can be considered as Malta’s biggest celebrity!

Ira Losco

Ira Losco is the closest Malta ever got to winning the Eurovision song contest. Since most of the Maltese follow the Eurovision closely, the close call made Ira a household name overnight! Ira has performed in several countries and has won over 20 music awards, making her Malta’s biggest female celebrity.  The Maltese pop star has performed in front of audiences up to 80,000 and played alongside some of the world’s biggest names in Music including Elton John, Maroon 5, Akon, Ronan Keating, Tokio Hotel and many more. Bob Geldof, whom she also performed with, was full of praise for Ira and said “I haven’t seen a girl perform with such energy in ages”. The Maltese pop start is also highly active in various local non-profits in Malta to help organizations promote their campaigns.

Winter Moods

Winter Moods is Malta’s flagship band! Few other bands have left such a mark on the local music scene, partially because few other bands have been around for as long as they have. The band has the record for most attendance at a concert hosted by a local band, in 2010 they managed to attract 10,000 at the Granaries! Winter Moods have been fortunate enough to play alongside some great other artists such as Bryan Adams and Elton John… Winter Moods also support Special Olympics Malta throughout the year organizing fundraisers and also spending time getting to know the athletes.  The band has also won numerous awards throughout their career including Best Band at six editions of the Malta Music Awards. Winter Moods were elevated to their current level of success after releasing their hit ‘Marigold’, a song everyone in Malta recognized and will instinctively sing along to!

Red Elektric

This five man band first hit the local music scenes with their debut single ‘The End of it All’. Since then, they have taken Malta by storm and dominated the music scene , without ever looking back. The band’s most notable performance has been during the recent concert with Malta’s very own Joseph Calleja, and internationally renowned Anastacia.

Michael Mifsud

Mifsud is by far the best football player Malta has seen.  Michael Mifsud has managed to achieve notable success for a country which has only ever won four competitive matches. The striker’s CV includes a number of foreign clubs, which is highly unusual in a country with just a handful of full time footballers, these including Barnsley, Coventry City and Melbourne City. The player’s most memorable moment is most definitely his match against Manchester United where he managed to score twice against one of the best teams in the world.

Tony Drago

Known as ‘The Tornado’, Drago is known for his high speed snooker and pool play, in fact he currently holds the fastest century break.  In 1998 Drago was also ranked 10th best snooker according to the snooker world rankings. During that year he had reached two major finals! Apart from snooker, Drago also plays pool professionally, winning the 2003 World Pool Masters. Another record held by ‘The Tordnado’ is the fastest best-of-17 match, winning after just 81 minutes.

Family Travel

Family Travel to Malta Many agree that travelling is an incredibly rewarding and enriching thing to do. Unfortunately, many believe that once children come into the picture, travelling becomes a thing of the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most families that go on holiday say it’s one of the best experiences you can have with your kids! It is vital to plan the trip well ahead, here are some tips and great locations to help you make the most out of your holiday in Malta with your family, and make it an unforgettable experience!! First things first…Slow Down You might be tempted to pack your day full of activities to make the most out of the holiday. This may work when travelling solo, but when your little ones want to take a detour, plans quickly need to be changed. Make sure to plan ahead, so that you visit one area at a time to minimize time spent on the road, thankfully in Malta this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Using public transport, especially in Summer is not advisable. Buses are usually packed and make several stops along the way. To get an idea, travelling by bus from one side of the island to another will easily take an hour and a half to two hours; a cab will get you there in roughly forty five minutes. Activities Because distances in Malta are so short, you get the added benefit of flexibility. Get a list of activities you know are great for all the family and make sure the kids think they’re fun too (even though they might change their mind later!). If your accommodation is towards the St Julians and Sliema area, you’re never further than 20 minutes away from either side of the island. Here is a list of family friendly activities on the island; Bird Park Malta ; One of Malta’s best kept secrets. With around 200 species of birds and other animals to look at, this is definitely a place worth exploring and taking your time in. The guides here are great and manage to strike a balance between entertaining the kids and educating the older crowd too.
  • Price: Adults €8. Children (3-12 yrs) €5. Children under 3 Free
  • Cab price (St Julians- Bird Park); EUR 24
Popeye Village; Originally a film set in the 1980’s for the musical ‘Popeye’, this unique location is a great place to spend a day with the family. Start off the day by exploring the film set, the location is a walk-through museum. You’re bound to bump into Popeye or Olive while walking around! There are two onsite restaurants too so you won’t need to plan ahead where to eat. The set also sits on a beautiful bay, with a swimming and large sun deck area and an optional boat cruise around the bay, perfect after a morning of walking around in the sun and a tasty meal!
  • Price: Adults €10.50. Children €8.50
  • Cab price (St Julians-Popeye Village); EUR 24
  Mediterraneo Marine Park and Splash & Fun; Two activities right next to each other, every parent’s dream! The marine park is a great way for all the family to learn more about the marine life in a fun environment. The park has three main presentations including a dolphin, sea lion and parrot show. The park also is home to other species including Snakes, Macaw,Tortoises, Turtles, Frogs, Toads, Spiders, Scorpions and Lizards. Splash & Fun, is a stone throw away from the marine park. The place is ideal for the whole family as it allows parents to relax while children make use of the various slides and other attractions! Animators provide a great atmosphere, dancing, aqua aerobics face painting are just a few of the activities available around.
  • Mediterraneo Marine Park: Price: Adults €15.90. Children (4-12 yrs) €9.90
  • Splash and fun Prices: Full Day Adults €20. Children (3-12 yrs) & Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €12. Half Day Adults €14. Children (3-12 yrs) & Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €8
  • Cab price (St Julians- Mediterraneo Marine Park); EUR 10
  Malta National Aquarium; Malta’s newest attraction and quickly becoming one of the island’s leading tourist attractions. The 26 tanks at the national aquarium host an remarkable collection of fish species. Visitors can also pass through a ‘water tunnel’ giving people the feeling of being surrounded by ocean life. The National Aquarium comprises also the Café del Mar reef club. There’s a kid’s pool, an adult reef pool and a great restaurant. The views from the complex are truly breath-taking!
  • Price (National Aquarium) : Adults €12.90. Children (5-12 yrs) €6.00. Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €10.90
  • Cab price (St Julians-National Aquarium); EUR 15
  The island is also littered with beaches along the coast! A great way to spend a day with your kids is at Ghadira Bay in Mellieha, the sandy beach is equipped with deck-chairs and water sport for the whole family. Malta’s sister island, Gozo is similar in many ways, but has its own unique character. Village Festas are not to be missed, marching bands, food stalls and fireworks are the perfect ingredients for a night out for all the family! When in doubt, cab companies in Malta are ideal to call and ask and they would know where most of the activities happening on the island are and can also take you to some hidden locations which you might otherwise miss out on. A holiday in Malta would definitely not be complete however, without a day spent exploring the island and getting to know the locals! Enjoy you stay in Malta, at hicabs we would be happy to show you the island, or take you for a day tour to Gozo, at very competitive prices. Call us on (+356) 2137 2137 for more information.

About Malta

About Malta; where to go and what to do   People go abroad for a number of reasons; culture, environment, sport, nightlife, gastronomy, people, climate, history (just to mention a few). Malta is one of the few countries that has a near perfect balance of all these, boasting world famous attractions and breath-taking views, making it an ideal tourist destination for all the family. So this is why we think people come to Malta: For the Culture The Maltese archipelago has a rich culture, stemming from a diverse history dating back thousands of years. With such a unique culture it comes as no surprise that Malta was awarded the prestigious award of European Capital of Culture 2018. The summer season is bursting with cultural attractions such as local village ‘festas’. When no ‘festas’ are happening, one can visit numerous places to experience the Maltese culture such as Valletta, the three cities and Mdina. For it’s History The history of Malta is an extensive and vivid one dating back to the dawn of civilisation. A notable mention is the ‘Hal Saflieni Hypogeum’, one of the oldest free-standing structures discovered. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines all left their mark on the island. Valletta is full of museums and other attractions open to the public displaying the country’s rich history. Mdina has an impressive history making it a popular tourist destination. For Shopping You’re never too far from shopping opportunities in Malta. The island caters for all kind of shopping. Numerous shopping complexes can be found around the island and are easily accessible. Top brands are mostly found in the Sliema area (such as The Point, The Plaza shopping centre and the Sliema Strand). Open Air Markets are also extremely popular in Malta. Many villages have their own version of open air markets selling traditional items including food, clothing and souvenirs. Bargaining and haggling play a big part of these markets and are part of the excitement! Being an island, fresh fish is part of our daily life, the Marsaxlokk market is Malta’s main fresh fish market (and there is more than just fish), definitely not to be missed. The Nightlife! Malta has a particularly exciting nightlife! Typical to the Mediterranean lifestyle, locals take every opportunity to celebrate, the island’s nightlife is a worthy reflection of such a culture. Every village has numerous pubs, which are frequented by locals daily. Parties in Malta are constant throughout the year, however there is an influx in the Summer months. Globally recognized dj’s, as well as local talent take the stage to make Malta one of Europe’s most sought after destinations for party goers!! Paceville is the place to be for those looking for a good night out. In Summer, the streets of Paceville see thousands of locals and tourists every night! Getting to and from Paceville is relatively easy as cabs can take you to the centre of the nightlife. The Food Malta has a large number of high quality restaurants, from typical Maltese food (such as rabbit and fresh fresh) to Italian (pasta and pizza) but also Chinese, Japanese and many others. Being such as competitive industry, the standards are generally very high, and the value for money is very good when compared to eating out in other countries. Malta has excellent bread, the traditional Maltese “hobza” is a must. Malta is also popular for locally produced olive oil and wine. To Swim and enjoy the beaches and beach clubs Having such a near perfect climate, and being an island, beaches are a main tourist attraction. Golden sand, red sand, blue lagoons and rocky beaches, Malta is surrounded by a wide variety of beautiful beaches. For those willing to go on an adventurous hike, secluded beaches are hidden around the island, some even unknown to many locals. Although many enjoy a relaxing day by sunbathing by the beach, diving is also extremely popular and Malta hosts some of the most popular diving spots around the Mediterranean! Getting around whilst in Malta Buses are widely available in Malta. One of the main drawbacks is the long waiting times, especially in Summer. Bus shelters are often unable to shield all those waiting from the sun (or rain) making the process particularly uncomfortable. Cabs and taxi in Malta are a faster, comfortable and more reliable mode of transport and when traveling in a group, cost can be nearly as low as that of public transport buses. Cabs provide trained drivers to take you from door to door in full comfort, avoid parking problems and travel in fully air conditioned cars or minivans, according to your requirements. You can even book online directly.

Getting Around Malta

To all you lovely holiday-makers that have just stepped off the plane and are finding out how to get around in Malta, here are a few useful tips to ensure that your stay in Malta is comfortable and convenient, even when it comes to your transport requirements. Following your airport to hotel transfer, the first thing that comes to your mind as you walk out of your hotel is “where do I go now?” and you start thinking of how you are going to get around and arrive back comfortably to your hotel. Well let us go through the various transport options available here in Malta:
  • Public Transport (the bus) – the main form of public transport that you can find on the Maltese Islands are the buses. For both the local and the tourist, the waiting times can be quite long with bus stops that are not always comfortable or even sheltered from the sun. On the more popular routes the buses are often completely full, increasing your waiting time. This means that whilst the young and strong might cope and somehow manage to pull it off, for the elderly and for families with push-chairs, this could prove to be quite a problematic situation. Otherwise it is relatively cheap when compared to travelling alone in say a cab, and it is an option that is worth considering for the main destinations.
  • Private and rental Cars – even though going out on your own private excursions might seem quite fun, you might find that it could prove to be quite difficult, most especially here. Even if we take out the horrible road conditions as well as the erratic style of driving found in many Maltese drivers, the narrow roads and the serious lack of parking in all main central areas will be unbearable. This however gives you more flexibility that the traditional bus, but is of course a more expensive option.
  • Cab and taxi – Whereas public transport is crammed, and often has no A/C, private cars have those added luxuries but then again have their own issues, Cabs however provide all the pro’s without all the cons! It’s important to note that cab companies may be a little pricey compared to the alternatives, especially when driving around a lot, however at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Cab companies offer trained professional chauffeurs that pick you up from ANY location and stop you right at your door. They offer a diverse range of services from corporate accounts to private tours (and excursions) as well as a friendly and safe environment. And at the end of the day the prices for cabs and taxis on the whole island are relatively cheap compared to most other EU countries, which will provide a more cost-efficient and safer service. Cab companies cater for all – whether picking up a large bubbly family, or the single bachelor coming for the good nightlife. Always choose cabs that have tracked vehicles, with trained and smart drivers, for added safety, if they have online bookings and a 24/7 service, its even better.
Honestly after reading all this don’t you just feel like catching a cab? You can call hicabs, the blue cab company on (00356) 2137 2137 or book online.