Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport

Time management is always important when going away on holiday. Thankfully the airport in Malta is easily accessible at any time and as it is only around 40 minutes away from the furthest part of the island. Here are some useful tips when using the Malta International Airport!


When travelling to certain locations, you may need to spend some time at the airport waiting for your next flight for instance, depending on your arrival time and if no hotels are close by. This isn’t a big problem if you are at the airport in Malta, and you may also want to shop around and find the best travel deals, instead of paying more to arrive at a specific time so you avoid spending time at the airport overnight. Cabs and Taxis are available at the Malta airport, however it is advisable to book a cab from beforehand to avoid waiting unnecessarily. You can check trip prices and also book directly online through our easy to use website


First thing to keep in mind is check in times. It is generally advisable to be at the airport two hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. Even when checking in online, the two hour rule still applies. It’s best to ask a cab company to advise you on the best pick up time, as you might need to start your trip to the airport early if for instance your pickup is during the rush hour traffic or there are road works or traffic diversions which will affect your trip.

At the airport

Weigh your bags in advance The last thing you want at the very end of your holiday is to pay extra for overweight luggage, so its best to ask if your hotel has a weighing service to avoid last minute hassle. The maximum weight varies per airline and depends on your individual booking therefore it is important to check your flight ticket, and if it is not specified on the ticket you can also ask the airline directly. What to do? The Malta airport is relatively small compared to other airports, however it still has a good number of restaurants, shops and cafes for all those who fancy a last minute meal or who are in the area. Both arrival and departure areas have Coffee shops, the departure one is open 24/7. The airport also has a food court (level -1) which has a number of restaurants; Burger King, KFC, Fat Harry’s and Sandella’s. Dr.Juice is also available for those who prefer a freshly squeezed juice. Apart from the ones within the airport, you will also find a few other within walking distance including McDonalds, Talbot&Bons and Vecchia Napoli

Security & Customs

Not the most pleasant part of the trip, but certainly one of the most necessary. Checking your hand luggage beforehand for any liquids and other banned items will speed up the process drastically. Remove any metal items before going through the metal detectors such as belt, loose change and watches. Usually, you’re also asked to remove jackets and shoes too so best wear a nice pair of socks 😉

Boarding tips

Once you’ve made it through customs, it’s time to head towards the departure’s lounge. The first thing you’ll come across is the duty free area, which could mean major savings on perfume, cosmetics, and spirits and tobacco goods. For those fashion conscious travellers, a Hugo Boss outlet is also available for some last minute purchases. For all those who’ve left it for the last minute to buy a gift or two, a number of jewellers can be found around the departure lounge.
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