Getting Around Malta

To all you lovely holiday-makers that have just stepped off the plane and are finding out how to get around in Malta, here are a few useful tips to ensure that your stay in Malta is comfortable and convenient, even when it comes to your transport requirements. Following your airport to hotel transfer, the first thing that comes to your mind as you walk out of your hotel is “where do I go now?” and you start thinking of how you are going to get around and arrive back comfortably to your hotel. Well let us go through the various transport options available here in Malta:
  • Public Transport (the bus) – the main form of public transport that you can find on the Maltese Islands are the buses. For both the local and the tourist, the waiting times can be quite long with bus stops that are not always comfortable or even sheltered from the sun. On the more popular routes the buses are often completely full, increasing your waiting time. This means that whilst the young and strong might cope and somehow manage to pull it off, for the elderly and for families with push-chairs, this could prove to be quite a problematic situation. Otherwise it is relatively cheap when compared to travelling alone in say a cab, and it is an option that is worth considering for the main destinations.
  • Private and rental Cars – even though going out on your own private excursions might seem quite fun, you might find that it could prove to be quite difficult, most especially here. Even if we take out the horrible road conditions as well as the erratic style of driving found in many Maltese drivers, the narrow roads and the serious lack of parking in all main central areas will be unbearable. This however gives you more flexibility that the traditional bus, but is of course a more expensive option.
  • Cab and taxi – Whereas public transport is crammed, and often has no A/C, private cars have those added luxuries but then again have their own issues, Cabs however provide all the pro’s without all the cons! It’s important to note that cab companies may be a little pricey compared to the alternatives, especially when driving around a lot, however at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Cab companies offer trained professional chauffeurs that pick you up from ANY location and stop you right at your door. They offer a diverse range of services from corporate accounts to private tours (and excursions) as well as a friendly and safe environment. And at the end of the day the prices for cabs and taxis on the whole island are relatively cheap compared to most other EU countries, which will provide a more cost-efficient and safer service. Cab companies cater for all – whether picking up a large bubbly family, or the single bachelor coming for the good nightlife. Always choose cabs that have tracked vehicles, with trained and smart drivers, for added safety, if they have online bookings and a 24/7 service, its even better.
Honestly after reading all this don’t you just feel like catching a cab? You can call hicabs, the blue cab company on (00356) 2137 2137 or book online.
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