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Family Travel to Malta Many agree that travelling is an incredibly rewarding and enriching thing to do. Unfortunately, many believe that once children come into the picture, travelling becomes a thing of the past. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Most families that go on holiday say it’s one of the best experiences you can have with your kids! It is vital to plan the trip well ahead, here are some tips and great locations to help you make the most out of your holiday in Malta with your family, and make it an unforgettable experience!! First things first…Slow Down You might be tempted to pack your day full of activities to make the most out of the holiday. This may work when travelling solo, but when your little ones want to take a detour, plans quickly need to be changed. Make sure to plan ahead, so that you visit one area at a time to minimize time spent on the road, thankfully in Malta this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Using public transport, especially in Summer is not advisable. Buses are usually packed and make several stops along the way. To get an idea, travelling by bus from one side of the island to another will easily take an hour and a half to two hours; a cab will get you there in roughly forty five minutes. Activities Because distances in Malta are so short, you get the added benefit of flexibility. Get a list of activities you know are great for all the family and make sure the kids think they’re fun too (even though they might change their mind later!). If your accommodation is towards the St Julians and Sliema area, you’re never further than 20 minutes away from either side of the island. Here is a list of family friendly activities on the island; Bird Park Malta ; One of Malta’s best kept secrets. With around 200 species of birds and other animals to look at, this is definitely a place worth exploring and taking your time in. The guides here are great and manage to strike a balance between entertaining the kids and educating the older crowd too.
  • Price: Adults €8. Children (3-12 yrs) €5. Children under 3 Free
  • Cab price (St Julians- Bird Park); EUR 24
Popeye Village; Originally a film set in the 1980’s for the musical ‘Popeye’, this unique location is a great place to spend a day with the family. Start off the day by exploring the film set, the location is a walk-through museum. You’re bound to bump into Popeye or Olive while walking around! There are two onsite restaurants too so you won’t need to plan ahead where to eat. The set also sits on a beautiful bay, with a swimming and large sun deck area and an optional boat cruise around the bay, perfect after a morning of walking around in the sun and a tasty meal!
  • Price: Adults €10.50. Children €8.50
  • Cab price (St Julians-Popeye Village); EUR 24
  Mediterraneo Marine Park and Splash & Fun; Two activities right next to each other, every parent’s dream! The marine park is a great way for all the family to learn more about the marine life in a fun environment. The park has three main presentations including a dolphin, sea lion and parrot show. The park also is home to other species including Snakes, Macaw,Tortoises, Turtles, Frogs, Toads, Spiders, Scorpions and Lizards. Splash & Fun, is a stone throw away from the marine park. The place is ideal for the whole family as it allows parents to relax while children make use of the various slides and other attractions! Animators provide a great atmosphere, dancing, aqua aerobics face painting are just a few of the activities available around.
  • Mediterraneo Marine Park: Price: Adults €15.90. Children (4-12 yrs) €9.90
  • Splash and fun Prices: Full Day Adults €20. Children (3-12 yrs) & Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €12. Half Day Adults €14. Children (3-12 yrs) & Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €8
  • Cab price (St Julians- Mediterraneo Marine Park); EUR 10
  Malta National Aquarium; Malta’s newest attraction and quickly becoming one of the island’s leading tourist attractions. The 26 tanks at the national aquarium host an remarkable collection of fish species. Visitors can also pass through a ‘water tunnel’ giving people the feeling of being surrounded by ocean life. The National Aquarium comprises also the Café del Mar reef club. There’s a kid’s pool, an adult reef pool and a great restaurant. The views from the complex are truly breath-taking!
  • Price (National Aquarium) : Adults €12.90. Children (5-12 yrs) €6.00. Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €10.90
  • Cab price (St Julians-National Aquarium); EUR 15
  The island is also littered with beaches along the coast! A great way to spend a day with your kids is at Ghadira Bay in Mellieha, the sandy beach is equipped with deck-chairs and water sport for the whole family. Malta’s sister island, Gozo is similar in many ways, but has its own unique character. Village Festas are not to be missed, marching bands, food stalls and fireworks are the perfect ingredients for a night out for all the family! When in doubt, cab companies in Malta are ideal to call and ask and they would know where most of the activities happening on the island are and can also take you to some hidden locations which you might otherwise miss out on. A holiday in Malta would definitely not be complete however, without a day spent exploring the island and getting to know the locals! Enjoy you stay in Malta, at hicabs we would be happy to show you the island, or take you for a day tour to Gozo, at very competitive prices. Call us on (+356) 2137 2137 for more information.
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