About Malta

About Malta; where to go and what to do   People go abroad for a number of reasons; culture, environment, sport, nightlife, gastronomy, people, climate, history (just to mention a few). Malta is one of the few countries that has a near perfect balance of all these, boasting world famous attractions and breath-taking views, making it an ideal tourist destination for all the family. So this is why we think people come to Malta: For the Culture The Maltese archipelago has a rich culture, stemming from a diverse history dating back thousands of years. With such a unique culture it comes as no surprise that Malta was awarded the prestigious award of European Capital of Culture 2018. The summer season is bursting with cultural attractions such as local village ‘festas’. When no ‘festas’ are happening, one can visit numerous places to experience the Maltese culture such as Valletta, the three cities and Mdina. For it’s History The history of Malta is an extensive and vivid one dating back to the dawn of civilisation. A notable mention is the ‘Hal Saflieni Hypogeum’, one of the oldest free-standing structures discovered. The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines all left their mark on the island. Valletta is full of museums and other attractions open to the public displaying the country’s rich history. Mdina has an impressive history making it a popular tourist destination. For Shopping You’re never too far from shopping opportunities in Malta. The island caters for all kind of shopping. Numerous shopping complexes can be found around the island and are easily accessible. Top brands are mostly found in the Sliema area (such as The Point, The Plaza shopping centre and the Sliema Strand). Open Air Markets are also extremely popular in Malta. Many villages have their own version of open air markets selling traditional items including food, clothing and souvenirs. Bargaining and haggling play a big part of these markets and are part of the excitement! Being an island, fresh fish is part of our daily life, the Marsaxlokk market is Malta’s main fresh fish market (and there is more than just fish), definitely not to be missed. The Nightlife! Malta has a particularly exciting nightlife! Typical to the Mediterranean lifestyle, locals take every opportunity to celebrate, the island’s nightlife is a worthy reflection of such a culture. Every village has numerous pubs, which are frequented by locals daily. Parties in Malta are constant throughout the year, however there is an influx in the Summer months. Globally recognized dj’s, as well as local talent take the stage to make Malta one of Europe’s most sought after destinations for party goers!! Paceville is the place to be for those looking for a good night out. In Summer, the streets of Paceville see thousands of locals and tourists every night! Getting to and from Paceville is relatively easy as cabs can take you to the centre of the nightlife. The Food Malta has a large number of high quality restaurants, from typical Maltese food (such as rabbit and fresh fresh) to Italian (pasta and pizza) but also Chinese, Japanese and many others. Being such as competitive industry, the standards are generally very high, and the value for money is very good when compared to eating out in other countries. Malta has excellent bread, the traditional Maltese “hobza” is a must. Malta is also popular for locally produced olive oil and wine. To Swim and enjoy the beaches and beach clubs Having such a near perfect climate, and being an island, beaches are a main tourist attraction. Golden sand, red sand, blue lagoons and rocky beaches, Malta is surrounded by a wide variety of beautiful beaches. For those willing to go on an adventurous hike, secluded beaches are hidden around the island, some even unknown to many locals. Although many enjoy a relaxing day by sunbathing by the beach, diving is also extremely popular and Malta hosts some of the most popular diving spots around the Mediterranean! Getting around whilst in Malta Buses are widely available in Malta. One of the main drawbacks is the long waiting times, especially in Summer. Bus shelters are often unable to shield all those waiting from the sun (or rain) making the process particularly uncomfortable. Cabs and taxi in Malta are a faster, comfortable and more reliable mode of transport and when traveling in a group, cost can be nearly as low as that of public transport buses. Cabs provide trained drivers to take you from door to door in full comfort, avoid parking problems and travel in fully air conditioned cars or minivans, according to your requirements. You can even book online directly.
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